Jordi Calvet

I’m a Book and layout expert, with 16+ years of experience designing all kind of pieces.

Working Worldwide

I’m Barcelona based, but I work for clients in EEUU, Canada, Europe, Australia and more…

Little Unicorns (USA)

“Professional, flexible, fast, creative… just excellent.”

Jordi Calvet

Design is my passion and I love adapting to each project singularities.


Things I design

Books, Brochures, Magazines, Leaflets, Flyers, Color palettes, Image retouch, Layout, Corporate Image, Logos, PDFs, Digital Illustration…

Things I don't design

Websites, 3D, Apps (yet 😉 )

Donna Vincent Roa (USA)

“One of the very best designers that I have worked with. Very professional. Great creative mind. Precision eye for color combinations. Superior final product.”

Programs I use

•   Adobe Indesign

•   Photoshop

•   Illustrator

Working Worldwide

I can adapt to different time zones if needed.

Some of my clients

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Interests & Hobbies

•   Music

•   Meditation

•   Sports

•   Films

Jonathan Ochmann (France)

“If you’re looking for a professional designer who can not only get the job done but more importantly add a creative edge to your project without having to be guided every step of the way I highly recommend him. A+”